Moon Mega Grid

The Library for Creating Photo Galleries

Moon Mega Grid is a great library for making photo galleries. It took me more than half a year to create it and I'm proud of the result.

  • Firstly, you can place several thousand photos on the page and do not worry about any misbehaviours. It's possible due to a strong memory optimization algorithm that unloads those images which are not visible at the moment. So, you don't need pagination.
  • Secondly, customisation. You can customise everything. There are tons of settings. Moreover, you can easily create absolutely new design for captions of elements by using custom templates.
  • Then, the built-in beautiful lightbox with many options. Or you can choose other lightbox.
  • And last, your gallery will be beautiful on mobile devices as well.

You needn't invent templates by yourself. Here are several ready packs:

The real world example: