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The best for Flickr

  • The best gallery implementation for Flickr on the market
  • Horizontal masonry grid that is very familiar for Flickr users
  • Made on the base of Moon Mega Grid jQuery Plugin
  • Very simple to start
  • Tons of additional options

Popular Flickr API methods

Implementation of the five Flickr API popular public methods:

  1. Album (flickr.photosets.getPhotos)

    You can organize a gallery of photos from your album, or from an album of other person.

  2. Gallery (flickr.galleries.getPhotos )

    You can collect photos of other authors by making galleries.

  3. User (people.getPublicPhotos) for photos of a concrete user

    You can make a gallery using all your photos. You can also show all public photos of other user.

  4. Search ( for searching photos

    Flickr gives you many options for searching photos that are stored on its servers. You can define text, a list of tags, longitude and latitude, some filters and much more.

  5. Resent ( for recent photos

    You can simply show freshest photos from the photostream.

Beautiful themes

  • 9 beautiful gallery themes
  • Spectacular animated hover effects
  • Different sizes of icons support
  • Square icons support
  • Video type support
  • Custom templates support

Mobile friendly

  • Mouse hover effect simulation for mobile devices
  • Strong memory saving algorithm

Smart loader button

  • Default loader button
  • Animated progress of loading
  • Color themes
  • API for creating a custom loader button


  • Built-in Lightbox with many options and several pre-built themes
  • Touch-swipe support
  • Slideshow mode
  • Neighbor photos preloading
  • Custom lightbox templates support


  • SVG-filters support for the Simple and the Classica templates
  • 12 usage examples
  • “twin” mode


  • Well documented Flickr Pack code
  • Well documented Moon Mega Grid code
  • Flickr Pack API page
  • Moon Mega Grid API page
  • Quick Start page
  • How To page with frequent questions
  • Separate article on Smart Loader creating
  • Separate article on custom lightbox creating
  • Well commented examples
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