Artistic Gallery

Unique artistic and spectacular galleries for high-level professionals: web designers and photographers.

Variety of beautiful animated hover effects, templates and examples, settings, color schemes, svg and canvas photo filters and other tools!

only $24

Moon Mega Grid

is a multipurpose horizontal masonry grid building solution:

  • integrated support for canvas and svg filters
  • perfect for mobile devices
  • simple templating tools
  • built-in lightbox with retina support
  • 2 retina modes
  • memory saving algorithm
  • works either with json or html formats (custom parsers)

Grand Pack

is a collection of 34 beautiful galleries:

  • beautiful design with greyscale and sepia effects
  • spectacular animated hover effects
  • mouse hover effect simulation for mobile devices
  • separated code for every template (coffeescript/javascript, less/css)
  • and much more...

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34 Templates of Grand Pack

For designers

There are 34 high-quality first-class templates in the pack and more then 80 usage examples. It will be easy to create a beautiful and spectacular gallery by using one of the templates. Just copy several lines of code from the example.

Many templates have additional color schemes which you can use easily by adding appropriate classes.

Every template has its own less and css files as well as coffeescript and js files. So you can easily customize everything you need in the template.

For developers

Moon Mega Grid has many powerful tools. One of them is the templating sysem which allow to create new templates.

You can customize everything in the template. But also you can develop your own template from scratch or by modifying an existing template.

The simplest way is to use one of the templates from the pack as a base. Initially templates are written on Coffeescript. But of course you can use Javascript instead.

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